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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Congrats to 'The Onion' Todd Bodine on his 200 starts in Cup, Nationwide and Trucks; a NASCAR first

One of my favorite NASCAR insults of all time was when a much-younger Dale Earnhardt Jr. called Todd Bodine a "cue-ball headed fool" during a Nationwide race after they had an incident. It's right up there with the "firesuit" comment from Joey Logano, and the time Ward Burton said he wished he had a shotgun instead of his helmet to throw at a competitor (I believe Dale Jr. was the target of the helmet).

But getting back to Bodine, that "cue-ball headed fool" has made a pretty good career for himself over the past three decades or so. He's done something never done before -- started 200 races in all three top series in NASCAR -- Cup, Nationwide and Trucks.

That's pretty impressive, and unlikely to be matched.
Bodine never tore up the record books in his career, as he had sparing success in Cup and Nationwide, but he made his biggest impact in Trucks, where he is a champ and a regular contender.

To stay around this long in this sport in so many capacities says a lot about Todd's ability as a driver. True, he won't likely end up in any hall of fame; he's not at that level for sure. But you can bet "The Onion", as he is now known, will not be looked at as a guy who didn't belong in this sport. If that was true, he would've been gone long ago.

The Bodine family has racing in its blood, just like the Wallaces, Waltrips, Allisons, etc. Todd really didn't have a choice, and it's arguable that his level of achievement in NASCAR tops what his brothers Brett and Geoff have done in their careers.

So congrats Onion, and I look forward to seeing you in many more races.

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