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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A.J. Allmendinger's B sample to be tested next Tuesday, his business manager confirms

Here's the official word from Tara Ragan, Allmendinger’s business manager, regarding testing of his B sample in the ongoing drug test drama that has put his ride with Penske on hold.

“We now have a confirmed date for the testing of AJ’s “B” (split specimen) Sample. The test will take place on Tuesday, July 24 at 8:00am CDT and be conducted at the Aegis Analytical Laboratories in Nashville. Pursuant to the 2012 NASCAR Rulebook and in line with the procedures, we have elected to have a designated independent toxicologist present on AJ’s behalf. Along with everyone else, we are looking forward to hearing the results as quickly as possible. AJ and all of us at Walldinger Racing have truly appreciated the outpouring of support from our fans, partners, and colleagues. It has meant a lot to us during this difficult time. We are also grateful to Mr. Penske and his management team for their patience and respect of the process we are going through.”

I wish A.J. luck, as I'd like to see his career continue uninterrupted by a scandal, but if the A sample was positive for a stimulant, the B sample will likely fail too.

So even if it's just above the limit, he's likely to face suspension and a long road back to a decent ride.

It goes to show -- supplements are more trouble than they are helpful, if that's what caused this test to be positive as many are speculating. I bet a lot of drivers are checking their medicine cabinets right now and throwing things away to avoid any potentially devastating effects on their careers.

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