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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Carl Edwards and new crew chief need to immediately click if he wants to make Chase

Bob Osborne is out as Carl Edwards' crew chief. He had been with the 99 car forever (about 8 years, that is forever in NASCAR time. He was with the 99 team before Carl Edwards even showed up).

He says it's for health reasons. Some are doubting it and say it's because Carl is struggling. It's really not my place to say; but what it means is that a slumping Edwards will have to try to get back in the saddle and break into the Chase with a new crew chief -- Chad Norris.

Osborne had this to say as he moved on to another role in the Roush camp:
"At this time in my life...concerns with my health have necessitated that I change my role within the organization," Osborne said in a statement. "This transition is not an easy one, but I'm thankful to have the full support of Jack (Roush), Carl and the entire organization. I also have every confidence in Chad Norris, and I look forward to working with him as we continue to pursue a championship in 2012. I also appreciate the privacy and respect that the community will give me and my family during this difficult time."

History doesn't bode well for Edwards' chances to do well under a new partnership. There is always a feeling-out period between new driver/crew chief combos, and Edwards doesn't have that luxury as he needs to get a win NOW if he wants to get in the Chase.

He better hope Norris and him click and the cars are fast, or he won't be competing for the title when the Chase begins.


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