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Monday, June 18, 2012

Earnhardt Jr. -- an 'all right dude' -- locked into All-Star race, gets bonus points for Chase

Perks of winning
Dale Jr. is in the All-Star race officially for the first time in a while; no need to run the Shootout.

Also, he will have some bonus points in the Chase.
Those points could come in handy, as we say with last year's tie between Edwards and Tony Stewart.

'All right dude'

There was no shortage of congratulations from fellow drivers for Earnhardt Sunday. When asked what he thought of that, he said with a laugh:
"I guess it means I'm an all‑right dude. When people are happy for you, they want to see you do good. That's the way I feel about people; I want to see good people do good things, and I want to see people that I think are good people have success and be happy."

The numbers on Earnhardt
-- The win was Earnhardt's 19th with in 450 starts -- (not exactly Hall of Fame material yet, but that number will grow)
-- Earnhart Jr. has 12 top 10 finishes so far this season; that's best among all drivers
-- The 143-race winless streak he broke was the sixth longest streak broken in NASCAR history
-- Earnhardt's 2 wins at Michigan Speedway are both on Father's Day
-- Jr. now trails Matt Kenseth, his old rival in the Busch series in the late 1990s, by just 4 points


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