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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sorry competition, Brad Keselowski's 2011 was not a fluke; he's a legitimate title contender in 2012

Sorry competition, Brad Keselowski is not a one trick pony.

Many were probably hoping his out-of-nowhere run into the 2011 Chase was a fluke, and hoped that the Rochester Hills native and his Penske team would not compete at that same level this year.

Boy were they wrong. In fact, he’s off to an even better start, as last year he didn’t get hot until the second half of the year. With his win at Talladega, he now has two wins on the year after only 10 races, and will likely top his 2011 total of 3 wins before the year is out.

Brad continues to prove wrong everyone (including myself) who initially thought he couldn’t compete with the big dogs after moving from Hendrick equipment to Penske. He has raised the level of that organization up to title contenders, something they hadn’t been for a long time until he showed up.

Also, when it was announced earlier this year that Penske would switch from Dodge to Ford in 2013, many wondered whether the team would really be a contender this year, or if they’d be looking ahead. It’s pretty clear from Brad’s performance so far that there is no looking ahead going on. And teammate A.J. Allmendinger has had some decent runs too, though they haven’t always translated to good finishes.

I’ve seen Brad go from a promising young driver who pissed off all his competitors with his aggressive ways, to a weekly contender that is pretty much respected by all the competition. And he’s only just begun.

A competitor like Brad is not content with winning. He wants a championship, and you can be the Blue Deuce will be in the hunt this fall come Chase time. With his two wins, he is already likely to get a wild card spot even if he doesn’t make the top 10 in points, but I’m pretty sure he’s be in the top 10 solidly and won’t have to rely on that.

So sorry competition. If you see a blue streak going past your car this year, chances are it's Brad passing you. And that will probably be a pretty regular occurrence, based on how things have gone so far.

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