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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Get ready world: NASCAR will be featured on BBC's popular Top Gear program

Credit: BBC Worldwide/Oisin Tymon
Top Gear, the world’s biggest car show, sent host, Richard Hammond, to Texas, fully immersing the native-Brit in the world of NASCAR.

British people love auto racing, but it's normally of the Formula 1 variety.

Well, this month, they'll get a look at what's on this side of the pond when
Top Gear, the world’s biggest car show, sends British host Richard Hammond to Texas and shows him the the world of NASCAR.
The show will take show his visit to Texas Motor Speedway and explore the history of NASCAR and how it became the big show it is today. We all know the history, but I'm guessing most Brits don't, so it should be interesting for them, and heck we might even learn a thing or two.

“I’m not alone in believing in the supremacy of NASCAR,” said Richard Hammond. “It’s currently the most popular spectator sport in America and there are many reasons why it hits the spot with the fans."

While most Brits will likely still view NASCAR as an inferior product compared to Formula 1 racing, maybe this show might open a few eyes and gain a few new fans. While I have met my share of those who look down on NASCAR, I'd like to think many Europeans are more open minded when it comes to motorsports.


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