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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jeremy Mayfield back in a race car? Now that would be interesting ... WITH VIDEO

It's been a busy few weeks for Jeremy Mayfield.
Court cases threaten his future freedom.
Foreclosure proceedings threaten his ability to stay in his home.

But all is not negative for Mayfield. While his NASCAR driving days are obviously over due to his court battles with the series of his suspension for a failed drug test, it appears that if he can avoid jail time, and pass a couple drug tests, he may have a ride soon in the ARCA series.

Reports surfaced this week that ARCA team owner Roger Carter wants Mayfield to race for his team this June at Pocono. Carter reportedly said that ARCA officials want to see how Mayfield's legal issues turn out before making a decision.

Of course, Carter did say that if this pans out, Mayfield would have to submit to an ARCA drug test and be willing to take a drug test administered by the team.

Considering that NASCAR races the same weekend as ARCA at Pocono, a Mayfield return would be quite interesting to say the least. It might make for some good entertainment, just to see what he says and what NASCAR says about him. And the media circus would be out of control.

In case you're wondering why this came about, Carter helped get Mayfield started in NASCAR almost 20 years ago, and is likely trying to just help an old friend.
“I feel very confident that he’s in a position where he could do it,” Carter said. “Jeremy is one heck of a good racecar driver and I think he would do well for us.”

But if I were Carter I wouldn't hold his breath. There's more drama hanging around Mayfield right now than there is on an episode of Jersey Shore. The likelihood that this plan works out and Mayfield races at Pocono (where he made what's likely the biggest move of his career; knocking Dale Earnhardt out of the way to win in 2000) isn't all that great, as ARCA hasn't yet said it would be OK with them.

But in a way, I'm hoping it does work out -- as I'd love to see the racing world would react to a Mayfield return to driving.

And I know one thing for sure: The France family is certainly hoping it doesn't work out, and will do whatever it can to make sure it doesn't happen anywhere near a track associated with NASCAR.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to see Jeremy Mayfield make a comeback in an ARCA car. I dont trust NASCAR after what they tried to do to Tim Richmond sorry but once a railroader always a railroader. I hope to see him in a car ASAP. We need a new sanctioning body willing to challenge NASCAR's stranglehold on stock car racing.

April 5, 2012 at 2:03 PM 

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