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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stunner of the week: John King still in Trucks points lead

Coming into this past weekend’s Truck race, I thought one thing was certain: John King would lose the points lead in that series.
He didn’t, running in the top 10 on the heels of his Daytona surprise win.
He now leads teammate Timothy Peters by one point in the series after two races.
Not bad for a guy who nobody knew before Daytona.

"Just to finish here is good enough. There's a lot of torn up trucks at the end of this race. We were able to make it to the end,” King said. “ We didn't have the best truck. We got behind when it rained. We were really good yesterday -- it rained, washed the track off and for qualifying we ended up being too free. Had kind of a poor qualifying effort, but the guys worked really hard. This Toyota really turned around for us in the race and we worked hard on it. We were able to find ourselves in it at the end of the race and have a truck behind us that we could push with when the time came."

Regarding the points lead, he knows it’s a long season.
"I have a lot to learn yet -- I'm an extreme rookie. Just really, really happy to be hooked up with a team like Red Horse (Racing). It takes 10 years of a learning curve off of my career. I'm in great trucks every week -- I think that shows now. I'm just really excited. I'm just ready for Rockingham and ready for Kansas -- where's the rest of them at?"

King thanked his teammates -- Peters and Todd Bodine.
"I've worn them out (Todd Bodine and Timothy Peters) asking questions and they've worn me out telling me stuff and coming to me. That really shows what teammates they are. I'm beside myself and speechless at how happy I am with this organization."

Back from his long absence and fresh off a DUI arrest, John Wes Townley ran 23rd.
"I thought it was a good run getting back into the seat. The goal was at the end of the day to bring it in with all four tires and fenders on it and I think we accomplished that. We didn't really have any really high expectations here. We'll learn from this and we'll go to Rockingham and we'll have us a good showing for them there I think. The guys did a great job and I think we'll bring this Toyota Tundra to the track next week and we'll be good."
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