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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If no one's really racing, don't even give out Rookie of the Year honor in Cup

In case you're keeping track of the latest lame battle for Rookie of the Year, one of the contenders is bowing out.
Timmy Hill and the Rick Ware Racing team are giving up on Cup, and going back to Nationwide.

"Rick Ware Racing has been awesome to me throughout my entire racing career," said Hill. "We as a team took a chance to compete in the Sprint Cup Series and move this team to the next level. We learned a lot from this experience, but it's time to take a step back and regroup on what we learned to apply that for the future. So we are temporarily putting the Cup program on hold. We are not out of racing and you will see myself and Rick Ware Racing at Texas ready to go in the Nationwide Series race."

Timmy who?, you say.
That's right, a guy who nobody knows (though he was 2011's Nationwide ROTY) was competing for ROTY in Cup, though you wouldn't know it because he had trouble making races. His only competition was Josh Wise, who starts and parks each week and will likely win ROTY for driving about 500 total laps all year.

I wish Hill luck in Nationwide, as that is where he belongs and needs to work on his skills before moving up to the big time. And while I know Wise is just doing his job and have nothing against him personally, it's my opinion that in an instance like this, the award shouldn't even be given. I don't see how you can reward a guy for ROTY when he isn't even racing.

It's really a shame, as there used to be good battles between competitive drivers for ROTY. Now, for whatever reason, no one really contends for it. And we're left with this nonsense.

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Blogger trat said...

You want to get a battle for ROTY then make the ROTY eligible for the lame top 35 all of next year. Thats what Nascrap has become all about. Want to see real racing? go to to a World of Outlaws event, or for that matter any Sprint Car or Midget event!

April 5, 2012 at 3:11 AM 

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