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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doubly triumphant Richmond weekend won't soon be forgotten by Kyle and Kurt Busch

The Busch brothers have their share of detractors.

They are loud, obnoxious, and (fill in your own negative word here) at times.

But no one can deny they are great racecar drivers. And this past weekend provided a great moment for the family, when in addition to Kyle winning Sunday for the fourth straight spring Richmond race, Kurt Busch drove his brother Kyle's car to victory lane for Kyle's first win in the Nationwide series as a team owner.

Kyle has won dozens of Nationwide races, often in dominating fashion, but mostly for Joe Gibbs Racing. And he rarely got all too emotional. They were just another race win notched on his C-post.

But after the race at Richmond, which ended with a great battle between Kurt and Denny Hamlin, Kyle was on Victory Lane with a smile wider than Texas.
This was special, because not only did he get his team that first win, his brother helped him get there.

After the race, Kurt was equally enthused.
"Man, it was an amazing run for us tonight. This is unbelievable. This team has been working so hard. It's that love that you have as a family member and I've driven for guys like (Roger) Penske and guys like (Jack) Roush, but when you're driving for a guy named Busch you've got to be on it and I'm happy to deliver tonight. Unbelievable run."

Kurt said he could feel the intensity from his brother when he saw him after the race.
"He just couldn't believe that we got this car to victory lane. You could just feel his hand trembling of, 'I'm an owner. I don't know what to think,' but he knows he could have drove this car today as well. Kyle told me what to do driving at like lap 40 and I was like, 'Here we go. Here's the owner telling the driver how to drive.' This was an unbelievable race and the fans here and Nationwide -- it's a great series to run and I'm happy to run here this year half the season with Kyle."

Pastrana debuts
Daredevil Travis Pastrana made his long-awaited Nationwide debut, and had a decent, but unspectacular finish of 22nd at Richmond.
Still, he wasn't upset with his first Nationwide go-around.
"It was awesome. We didn't really know what to expect. We're not on pace, but we're not that far off. So, then we went on a super long green there at the end. I had goals when I started. One was finish the race. Two was to finish on the lead lap. So, I did the first goal and didn't do the second goal."

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