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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ford excitedly unveils its 2013 Ford Fusion Cup ride

Forget 2012 for a minute; Ford is pumped up about 2013 already.

On Tuesday, they were positively thrilled to unveil the new 2013 Fusion that will compete starting one year from now. Apparently, there had been discussions about bringing the Mustang up to Cup from Nationwide, but that all changed.

Ford Racing Director Jamie Allison said: “All along, we had planned to bring Mustang into Cup because that’s our iconic car, until we saw this at the studio (pointing to the 2013 production Fusion). You now see what we saw, a streamlined, sleek, sport roof line that is unique in the midsize segment. A lightness of design, something that’s about aerodynamics and efficient and belongs on the track; a dynamic car that looks fun to drive."

Allison said the Mustang will remain in Nationwide racing, after a successful debut in 2011.
“Mustang in Nationwide, Fusion in Cup – two great brands, two great series, reaching different fans,” he said.

There may be excitement now, but I say hold off until the thing hits the track. Let's see if it's a winner before anyone cheers too much.

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Blogger trat said...

Let's see how much NA$CAR changes it to make it look just like the other cars. By the time NA$CAR lets it on the track it won't look anything like this. Give NA$CAR a year and they can screw up anything!

January 25, 2012 at 1:39 AM 

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