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Monday, November 7, 2011

Title hopes dim for Keselowski, but he has no reason to hang his head

It was a great Chase run so far for Brad Keselowski, but it appears his title hopes are over. After bad late-race luck for the second week in a row, his hopes of hoisting a Cup are pretty much slim to none.

The fact that he is upset about this shows that Brad is not going to be content with being a mid-pack car as his career progresses.

When he went to Penske, nobody thought he would advance so quickly and win as much as he has this year. He has exceeded expectations, and outraced his Cup champion teammate Kurt Busch in the second half of the season. His rise from deep in the standings to busting into the Chase mean this has been a breakout year for Keselowski.

And based on his comments after the race, it appears he will not be hanging his head over his recent struggles.
“It’s been a rewarding year and I’m proud to work with everyone on this Miller Lite Dodge team," Keselowski said. "We still have races to go and I’m positive that we will approach them with the same amount of energy we have all year. We won’t lie down. We’re going to bring fast race cars to the track the next few weeks and go after some wins.”

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