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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Keselowski continues to impress in the Chase; could contend for title

I must give a nod to Rochester Hills native Brad Keselowski, who got another top-5 finish Sunday and is continuing his great run this Chase. Four races into the Chase, Keselowski is fourth in points, 11 points out of first place. Considering the amazing run that Keselowski made just to make the Chase, a lot of people thought he might end that run of luck once the Chase started.

After Sunday's race, Keselowski said his team is just a lot better than it was last year.

“It all comes back to just having a good team. Good teams have good cars; they're best at their end and fastest at their end. They use good pit strategy and stay strong through adversity. I feel like I just have a really good team. I guess it's hard to define what makes a good team and a bad team does those things.

“Last year we weren't a good team. We were always our worst at the end, and that's not what it takes. I don't know why that was, but that's just the way it kind of works out sometimes. This year, it seems like as a group, we're just clicking. Sometimes that's the way it goes, and we’re doing a good job of maximizing our day, taking care of everything that's in our control and I'm really proud of our team for doing that.“

So about that Jimmie Johnson
Remember all the talk about how Jimmie Johnson had lost his mojo this Chase and likely wouldn't compete for his sixth straight title?
Well, he killed all that talk Sunday with his dominating win at Kansas.

It just goes to prove what anyone with sense has said all year. It doesn't matter if Jimmie hasn't won since April -- he's still the man to beat for the title.

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