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Friday, March 19, 2010

Forget Edwards-Keselowski … new battles will be started at Bristol

I saw some of the best racing I’ve seen in months late Thursday, and I wasn’t even watching a NASCAR race.

I stumbled upon an HBO documentary called “Dirty Driving: Thundercars of Indiana,” a great little movie about a small town hit hard by the economy, but still engaged in the action at the local racetrack. It chronicled the action both on and off the track of the local drivers, who didn’t always see eye to eye.

The racing was fast and furious, with most cars’ fenders either torn up or destroyed by the end of each race featured in the movie. Some of the wrecks were downright scary, and at the root of most of them was one word: Payback.

Sound familiar?

Everyone is wondering whether the bad blood will continue this weekend at Bristol between Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski. While they probably aren’t each other’s biggest fans right now, you can bet NASCAR will strike the fear of God into them at their “meeting” (aka the “knock this crap off boys” get-together).

No, you won’t see a #12-#99 collision this weekend at Bristol, as they’ll be on their best behavior around each other.

You will see lots of wrecks and angry tempers, though … because we are in Thunder Valley. While the two men in the spotlight try hard to keep their car in one piece, the next battle will be brewing.

Will Joey Logano and Greg Biffle ramp up their recent battles? Will the Busch brothers have a run-in? Will Jimmie Johnson show some actual emotion and get into an on-track tussle with someone?

No one knows, but it’s not a question of whether drivers will get steamed at each other … it’s a question of who will be involved.

There’s a reason all NASCAR fans love Bristol. It represents the heart of NASCAR, the little bullring track that all these guys came up driving on, like the one at Anderson Speedway in Indiana where a bunch of local boys put all their sweat into their cars and all their emotions into the race every weekend.

This weekend, the millionaire Cup drivers will bring back the spirit of those early days of their careers when they battle at Bristol.

And just like back then, the emotions are sure to fly once again.


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