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Saturday, March 13, 2010

How are drivers spending their off weekend?

With no racing to talk about this week in the Big 3 NASCAR series, I thought I’d play Nostradamus and predict what some of the top drivers in NASCAR are doing with their free time this weekend.

Carl Edwards: Endlessly repeating “Boy, that was dumb” while thanking God he didn’t get suspended a race for his Atlanta retaliation.

Jimmie Johnson: Plotting his next step toward world domination

Brad Keselowski: Fulfilling the 100s of interview requests he has received since the Atlanta incident

Denny Hamlin: Wishing he hadn’t been chosen as the favorite to topple Jimmie and take the championship. Performing chants to try to remove the “chosen one” curse.

Paul Menard: Shaving relentlessly so his soul patch doesn’t grow back and ruin his streak of good finishes.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: Counting his endless stacks of money and laughing at the people who hate him.

3-D racing?

In other news, 3-D television has come to be a reality, and it got me thinking about how cool it would be to see a race in 3-D, “Avatar” style where it totally surrounds you, in your own living room.

Unfortunately, the 3-D sets are far too expensive for most people to afford, so it’s unlikely this will happen anytime soon, though. When it does though, it’s gonna be pretty cool though.

Twitter ups and downs

As I’ve been getting more into Twitter, I’ve noticed a couple trends.
First, in a really cool move, many drivers are personally interacting with their fans on Twitter, answering questions directly posed to them by the fans on a regular basis. This can only help the sport as people feel more connected to their favorite drivers and want to watch more.

The downside: A little bit of TMI. Without getting too graphic, let’s just say I don’t really need to know about anyone’s bodily functions, even if they are a NASCAR driver.
But as they say, you take the bad with the good.


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