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Saturday, March 6, 2010

It’s go time for Dale Jr.

Finally, some good news in Jr. land.

After a bit of doom and gloom to start his tenure at Hendrick Motorsports, we are seeing the true potential of the #88 team.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the pole at Atlanta, his first in a long, long time.

He is fast in practice.

Now comes the key part … win the race.

It’s not that simple, as there are 42 other guys, including Jimmie Johnson, who are standing in his way. But this weekend looks like the best in a long time that Jr. has had to win a race. He has always run good at this track, and now he’s in the kind of equipment that should allow him to run up front all day.

It’s important to keep things in perspective, though. It is only one race after all, even if he does win.
But the moral boost from winning a race could be huge for this team and put Jr. back on a track to where he can compete with his Hendrick teammates.

Confidence goes a long way in this sport … it’s not all car.

So the fans will go crazy at the drop of the checkered flag, and be hopeful their hero Dale Jr. can come through on Sunday. If he does, expect media coverage on a Danica level. If he doesn’t, expect the criticism to keep on coming about why he can’t win.

Such is life when your name is Dale Earnhardt Jr.


Blogger The Racing Realist said...

I highly Doubt that Dale Jr. will actually be able to pull of a win in Atlanta this weekend. While he HAS been driving harder than he has in God knows how long, he still hasn't shown that killer instinct that other drivers have.

Also, sign our petition:

March 7, 2010 at 7:01 AM 

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