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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled programming: A Johnson ‘Butt-whooping’

Jimmie Johnson did what he does best on Sunday … kick butt when it counts.

After all the excitement and buzz that was created when he finished 38th last week and the points race got tighter, giving Mark Martin some hope, a harsh dose of reality set in for Johnson’s competitors, with what he referred to as a ‘butt-whooping’ performance.

He dominated the race and made sure everyone knows he is the champion and intends to keep that crown. Even his Hendrick teamates can't keep up with him, and they're the only ones who really had a shot.

Barring another Sam Hornish Lap 3 spin at Homestead that collects Jimmie, four in a row is a foregone conclusion. If Martin win s and leads the most laps, Johnson only needs to finish 25th, due to a massive 108-point lead.

The fact that Johnson still has that massive lead, despite his terrible finish last week, is evidence of just how much better they have performed in the Chase this year. Even with one very bad day, he is killing the competition.

Due to the Chase format, many will discount this historic achievement of four in a row as gimmicky and not on par with the titles of Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt. But all of that is just opinion.

It doesn’t change the fact he is on his way to four straight titles. All the other drivers play under Chase rules, and no one has been better for the past four years. Whether it's driver, crew chief, car or a combination of all of them, the team is just better than its competition.

It's boring as sin for the fans, and bad for the sport as a whole (It’s hard to tell fans the sport is competitive and fun to watch when one guy dominates.)
But it’s the reality of NASCAR today.

And if the #48 team continues its amazing level of success in 2010 and beyond, four straight could be just the beginning of how this team rewrites history, whether we like it or not.


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