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Monday, November 9, 2009

Bad luck finally catches Johnson, but is it too late for Martin?

Thank you, Sam Hornish.

While we, the NASCAR fan base, know that your wrecking of Jimmie Johnson was not intentional, we would still like to extend our deepest gratitude, as your little spin has caused the Chase to become remotely interesting again.

I kid, but not completely, with those sentiments.

If this had been another ho-hum Cup weekend, with Johnson running top-5 and probably winning the race, extending his points lead yet again, the next two weeks would have been nothing more than a warm-up for 2010, with the conclusion wrapped up.

Now, the tricky track at Phoenix and the exciting high banks of Homestead may actually have some meaning in the battle for the championship.

In all likelihood, Johnson will still take the title, as you can bet Chad Knaus will provide him with cars capable of winning the last two races, and he’ll have to run into some more bad luck.

Still, it would be one of the best stories in sports, not just NASCAR, if Martin could somehow complete a comeback and with the title as a 50-year-old driver. Four times a bridesmaid, Martin insists he didn’t come back full-time just to win a title. But we all know that deep down, that’s still on his mind, and he wants more than anyone out there to get that championship.

I’m sure he’s not lying when he says it’s an honor just to drive cars for Hendrick Motorsports, but Mark’s been through so much heartbreak that he’s probably just lowering expectations so he doesn’t get disappointed.

While it’s likely Johnson will still take the crown, I’m looking forward to watching Martin try to snag it away from him and complete an amazing comeback.

And I have Sam Hornish to thank for it all. Maybe I should add him to my Christmas card list.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roll 48 roll. Just a little bump in the road.

November 9, 2009 at 5:52 PM 

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