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Monday, November 9, 2009

Texas run shows Dale Jr. may be on right track

It was a bizarre day for Rick Hendrick’s team Sunday. Golden boy Jimmie Johnson wrecked early and ran many laps down. Jeff Gordon told reporters he’s “terrible” at Texas, and struggled most of the day. And while Martin was decent all day and finished 4th, another Hendrick car was ahead of him and in the top-5 for much of the day: That’s right, Dale Earnhardt Jr., who hasn’t exactly had a banner year.

Jr. ended up losing that good finish after he stalled while pitting for fuel at the end of the race, but despite that I’m sure it was nice for his fans to finally see him doing decent for almost a full race. Perhaps it’s a sign that the team is finally getting its act together as it prepares to turn over a new, winning, leaf in 2010.

KB almost makes history
Blame it on the fuel.

After taking wins in both the Nationwide and Truck series this weekend, Kyle Busch was two laps away from completed a historic triple win.
Then he ran out of fuel. Maybe we can amend the record book and say the Busch brothers swept the triple at Texas.

Despite losing the win, it was a solid race for Kyle in his first weekend with new crew chief Dave Rogers, as he led the most laps and nearly made history. It’s been a while since he had such a dominant race.

Farewell win for elder KB’s crew chief
Forget what I said about Pat Tryson’s impending departure affecting the ability of Kurt Busch to win in the Chase. The team did a great job of saving fuel and came home with a win in one the last races with Tryson as crew chief.

In other Penske Racing team news, Brad Keselowski’s debut at the team didn’t go so hot, as he was involved in a wreck and finished in the 30s.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With six laps left in the 334-lap event, McGrew called Earnhardt down pit road for a quick splash of fuel. Unfortunately, as Earnhardt was making his way down pit road, he radioed to his team that he had run out of fuel. He managed to pull the No. 88 Chevy into his pit stall, but struggled to refire the engine after the fuel stop. Earnhardt finally rejoined the field and was scored 25th."

…with all the money Jr. is bringing into HMS they can hire a top tier crew chief for him, like Addington, and pay him what he deserves…
I find it odd that the whole way through the race, Jr. was one of the first called into the pits for green pit stops. On this last stop Mark and then Jeff were both called in before him. Finally Jr. was called in, very late. It almost seems that it was deliberate to run him out of gas...? He ran in the top ten and top five all day and would have finished there. Mark finished 5th. I sure hope and pray that Jr. can get out that rat’s nest and the sooner the better. Last spring Nascar Now started reporting that Tony Jr. was still making Jr.'s cars by DEI specs from 2007 when he left. They have finally given him a car with speed and now he is running out of gas...? Boris Said asked why they ran him out of gas on Nascar Now and did not get an answer.

November 9, 2009 at 4:27 PM 

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