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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Matt Kenseth will emerge as 2013 Sprint Cup champion, followed by Kasey Kahne and Jimmie Johnson

Here's how I see the Chase shaking out in 2013:

1. Matt Kenseth
Best driver for most of the year, most wins, the move to Toyota and Gibbs has paid off tremendously. Look for Kenseth to get his second title, 10 years after the first.

2. Kasey Kahne
I like Kasey as a dark horse to win title; he's not always up front, but Hendrick will put everything he can into every car as he tries to win back title after losing it last year to Penske. I just have a feeling about Kasey doing very well in the Chase.

3. Jimmie Johnson
He's always a favorite to win the Cup; but this year they're not quite as consistent as in the past

4. Kyle Busch
He's going to win a title eventually; will come closer this year but still fall short.

5. Carl Edwards
Fords are doing better now and he's their best driver in the Chase. But are they good enough?

6. Kevin Harvick
The Closer will have to do more than just show up at the end of some races to win the Chase. He's got to be there every week.

7. Kurt Busch
The underdog favorite in the Chase due to his amazing comeback from being universally disliked due to bad attitude. If he could win a second title, it would be a wonderful story. Pit crew needs to step up.

8. Jeff Gordon
Inconsistency is the name of their game in 2013; will get short-term boost from morale of making Chase, but reality will catch up with 24 team.

9. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Hasn't shown he can win races this year, which is a bad sign for his title hopes

10. Joey Logano
Having a good run, but not consistent enough to compete with top dogs yet.

11. Ryan Newman
Barely made it in Chase; will barely be a factor in Chase. Pit crew woes won't help his chances, either.

12. Clint Bowyer
All the distraction he caused at Richmond will come back to bite him. It's called karma.

13. Greg Biffle
Has underwhelmed all season; should continue to do so in Chase.


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