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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bowyer's shameful move, Keselowski's stunning failure to qualify and more on Richmond and the Chase

Random thoughts after Saturday night's race at Richmond:

1. Clint Bowyer's obviously intentional spin was disgraceful and played a role in determining who made the Chase. That's not right and NASCAR needs to come down on Bowyer and the whole Michael Waltrip Racing team hard. I would bump Bowyer from the Chase and add Newman, but an idea that extreme would never fly with NASCAR.

2. It's pretty stunning to me that 2012 Cup champion Brad Keselowski, a Rochester Hills native, won't even be in the Chase to try to defend that title. Whether it was an issue related to switching car makes from Dodge to Ford, adapting to the Gen 6 car or the pressure of being champion, it was not meant to be for Brad this year. Perhaps his teammate, Joey Logano -- who just squeaked in, can keep the Cup in Roger Penske's trophy case this year.

3. Whatever Jimmie Johnson was doing the past month, since he clinched his Chase berth, he should probably stop doing it. He's been terrible weekly for the past four weeks -- that won't fly in the Chase if he wants to claim title No. 6.

4. Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle are both in the Chase, but I'm not sure they'll be big threats for the title. They're not as fast as the Chevys and Toyotas.

5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. will NOT win the title. Sorry Jr. Nation; he's just gonna show up and finish ninth TO 13th each week -- maybe end the year in top 5 in points.

6. Your champion is: Matt Kenseth, narrowly over Kyle Busch; Yes, the Yotas will be the ones to beat in 2013, though I'd love to see Kurt Busch prove me wrong with that one-car Furniture Row team. Kurt winning another title would be an amazing and inspiring comeback story.

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