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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Can Jimmie Johnson come from last to first to win at Michigan Speedway?

BROOKLYN, Mich. -- In case you missed it, Jimmie Johnson is going to have a tough time coming up with a victory at Michigan International Speedway today.

That's because due to an accident in final practice, he is going to start dead last today.

Good news for Jimmie is that MIS is one of the best tracks on the circuit for passing, and he's using a backup car that was prepared for a Chase race -- so he should be stout and pass a lot of people.

But getting by 42 drivers will take both skill and luck, and I'm not sure Jimmie will have things fall his way. 

But with him already being locked in the Chase, you can bet he'll do whatever he can to make it happen -- should be fun to watch.

Here's what he had to say about the incident and his chances after practice:
“Very good back-up car went out and put down an eight or 10 lap run there at the end that I would put up against anybody’s time.  I hate the extra work load, but we are trying to figure out what really happened because I had no sign of lose and certainly spun out and crashed.  The No. 88 came over and he said that he felt there may have been some oil down and he slipped real bad going through there.  Then we are trying to look at our tires and get an understanding of what might have happened because lose was not in the characteristics of the car and then I end up spinning out and going in.  It would be nice to figure out why so we know, but regardless we’ve got a back-up car that we’ve gone to and hopefully the race engine is still in good shape and we can put it in the back-up car and not have any issues with our grid position.”


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