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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Logano gets a fresh start, Kenseth to Gibbs finally official, and a (somewhat) shocking departure by Sadler from Childress

Here's my quick takes on all the big news that broke on this super-busy NASCAR news Tuesday.

1. Joey Logano going to Penske; it's official. Good for Joey, he's getting a fresh start. The hype around him was over-the-top when he first came to Cup, and the consensus is that Gibbs moved him up to the big leagues too fast. There really wasn't a need to do it so quick. For whatever reason, Joey never took off. I know he has talent, and so do all of you, but he never flourished at Gibbs. Now, with another young-gun teammate in Brad Keselowski, I hope to see the Penske team become more prominent in the sport with these young guys behind the wheel with potentially decades of racing left to go in their careers. If Joey can do well at Penske and compete for wins and titles regularly, I'll be glad to see it, even if he never lives up to his "sliced bread" promise that was hung on him as a young lad.

2. Kenseth to Gibbs -- official: We all knew it; but now Matt and the Gibbs team will admit it's true finally. Bottom line: This was about money, like most things in life. Matt can deny it all he wants, but if Jack Roush had matched Gibb's offer, he wouldn't have left. I'll be curious to see if a rivalry develops now between Roush and Gibbs; it was make sense that one would.

3. Elliott Sadler will not return to RCR Nationwide team; rumored to Gibbs Nationwide team for 2013.
This one shocked me at first, then I thought about it, and as someone told me online after the news broke, "blood is thicker than water". Austin Dillion will be up to Cup in a couple years. Ty Dillon isn't far behind him. Paul Menard has guaranteed money from his dad's sponsorship. Kevin Harvick isn't leaving RCR. So if Elliott Sadler wants to return to Cup, where is there room at RCR? His rumored deal at Gibbs features a full NW ride (in a car that for sure can win races and championships) and there is an open fourth seat at Gibbs if they decide to make it four Cup teams in the near future. Sadler could fill that role.

So while my first instinct was shock; bottom line is Sadler is looking out for No. 1. He wants to return to Cup one day, and there just wasn't room at the inn over at RCR. Sorry Richard, but that's how life goes. Toyota, fresh off its Kenseth grab, looks like it has snatched away another talent from the U.S. manufacturers.


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