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Monday, September 17, 2012

All is not well at Jr. Motorsports; Eurys shouldn't be surprised they were let go

All is not well at Jr. Motorsports.

Last week, Tony Eury Sr. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr's uncle -- was let go.

On Monday, Tony Eury Jr. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr's cousin -- was let go.

The team is winless this year in Nationwide races.

Danica Patrick and Cole Whitt, the team's two drivers, aren't exactly bringing home great finishes. Both drivers are still new to this level of the sport, but they should be doing better than they are -- and only part of the problem is the drivers' performance.

The team's car quality and overall mechanical performance is not there, and this is a team that once racked up victories regularly with drivers like Brad Keselowski behind the wheel. Nowadays, they rarely are seen up front in Nationwide races.

So forget about being nice to your family, you have to make a business decision when things go down like this. And it's a smart move to try to find some new blood in the organization.

Truth be told, Dale is mostly hands off on the business side of things. His sister runs a lot of his affairs, including the day-to-day operations at Jr. Motorsports, but both she and Dale had to struggle with letting go of family from this operation.

Still, they shouldn't feel bad. When something's broken, you have to fix it.
Sure, Patrick and Whitt could hold up their end of the bargain more, but the team itself needs a big jolt behind the scenes too.

Turning around an organization that is struggling isn't easy, but I wish them luck. They've won in the past, and just need to find that magic once again. Just putting new faces in the garage won't be enough, though. You need top talent setting up your cars, and chemistry between drivers and crew chiefs.

So, so long Eurys, it's been quite a ride with you and Jr. And don't take it personal. When you're not doing your job up to expectations, you get let go, and that's clearly what happened at Jr. Motorsports. It happens in all businesses, even if you're family.

I'll say one thing though: Thanksgiving might be a little awkward this year for the Eury/Earnhardt clan.

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