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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Timothy Peters’ truck win at Bristol is yet another highlight in a banner season for Red Horse Racing

Red Horse Racing has a lot to be happy about.

Timothy Peters won his second race of the year on Wednesday night at Bristol, and Parker Kligerman finished second in just his second race with the team.
Amazingly, Peters led every lap of the race -- start to finish. That’s rare.
"I would've said absolutely I was going to lead every lap. Oh man, what an awesome feeling,” Peters said. “First, I want to apologize to the guys at home for the burnout and hurting the truck. Thank you guys for an awesome Toyota Tundra. These guys right here worked their butts off like they do week in and week out. We had great speed the first practice and then we had a flat tire and it just screwed our whole strategy up and we kind of got off a little bit. Butch Hylton (crew chief) is so good about getting us all together and using it as an experience to calm us down and we kind of met in the middle on some of the changes and boy was she flawless tonight."

Peters put a whooping on the field, and he knew from the time he got in the truck that he was going to have a good night.
"First practice we had a lot of speed and then we had a left-rear (tire) go flat on us and that kind of messed up our tuning session a little bit. Butch Hylton (crew chief) is really good about pulling us together and kind of calming us down. He's like, 'Look, we don't have a bad truck, let's go off the way we finished the one practice and we kind of met in the middle with some changes and that thing was bad to the bone from the first lap."

Team owner Tom DeLoach was very enthused about the night’s events.
"It's very sweet tonight -- again, I am an incredibly blessed man. I'm blessed with a lot of people around me that are really good at doing their jobs. My only job is to kind of give them the playing surface so they can do it and boy, did they ever do it tonight. Timothy (Peters) did a great job driving, Butch (Hylton, No. 17 crew chief) did an incredible job setting up the truck and Chad (Kendrick, No. 7 crew chief) did an incredible job setting up with Parker (Kligerman) and he finished second. He clawed his way up through the pack. Todd (Bodine) was going to be in the top-five too had he not cut down a tire on a skirmish with another driver. It was really looking like this was going to be even more incredible than it is. I really think Todd would have been here. As you look at it, one and two on your birthday is pretty doggone sweet."

Kligerman said he was pumped up about his strong run so early in his tenure with the team.
"We did everything we could to get rid of track position there at the beginning -- or at least I did. I stalled it coming out of pit road and we had driven all the way up to fifth or fourth there on that first run. We had a great stop and I messed up. None of these guys quit here on this No. 7 Red Horse team. This truck got finished Tuesday night or Monday night at 10:30 at night. These guys have worked all of the last three weeks to get these things here. I'm just proud of them and proud to get a one-two (finish) for Tom DeLoach (team owner) on his birthday. Man, I wish I had a better restart there. I think we would look better up there in victory lane."

Kligerman had nothing but kind words for his new team.
"I attribute it to Red Horse Racing. The entire organization is one whole team -- we don't say there's three teams there -- it's one team. Tom DeLoach (team owner) promised me that I'd have the best equipment they could put together and it showed at Michigan, it showed here tonight and even this being one of our trucks that will become a trailer queen as we say -- a backup truck after this, we knew this was going to be our toughest race and to come out of here and finish second -- that's big. I just attribute it to that whole organization working so well together. At the same time, we also have a ton of support from Toyota, TRD (Toyota Racing Development) and all those resources and all that data makes it so easy for Chad Kendrick (crew chief) and I to gel so quickly. I think at the same time I have a nickname for him, which is 'Hollywood' and I think we get along very well because we're very similar."

Roush Racing Bristol facts
— Roush Fenway turned its 100,000 laps of NASCAR action at Bristol in the spring. The team has completed over 50,000 miles of racing, while leading over 4,800 laps in 259 starts in 25 years of NASCAR action at Bristol.
— Carl Edwards is one of only three drivers in NASCAR history to have won in all three of NASCAR’s major divisions at Bristol. Mark Martin accomplished the feat as well, with each of his wins coming in a Roush Fenway entry. Edwards is one of only four drivers to accomplish the career sweep at any NASCAR track.
— Roush Fenway’s history at Bristol has been that of hot streaks. Roush Fenway swept the track in 2003 and put a Cup car in victory lane at Bristol at least once in every season from 2002-2008. In addition, Roush Fenway has sent an entry to victory lane at Bristol in nine of the last 11 years.

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