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Friday, August 24, 2012

Boo! NASCAR fans in Detroit with satellite TV won't get to watch Bristol race due to preseason Detroit Lions game

As usual, NASCAR fans are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to request for their sport's broadcast -- specifically those who have satellite TV.

With NFL preseason games on in several networks, the Bristol night race scheduled for Saturday night at 7:30 p.m on ABC is being pre-empted for the Lions' preseason football game. I get that football is king, and an not going to argue NASCAR should be on based on popularity, but all I ask is that NASCAR gets put on a different channel for everyone. And most cities are doing this. Even in Detroit, most cable networks are accommodating the NASCAR fans.

Satellite is a different sorry. I called DIRECTV (which I have at my home) and they said there is no alternate plan. The plan is that at 10 p.m. they will cut back to NASCAR. But as any football fan knows, the game will likely run until 10:30 p.m. or later, so if NASCAR fans are lucky, they might get to see the last 50 laps of the Bristol race if they have DIRECTV. Or maybe nothing at all if it's a fast race. That's weak.

In some other markets (Buffalo, Tusla, Quincy IL, and Weslaco, TX), the race moves to ESPN instaead of ABC on satellite (DTV 201, DISH 145). But in Detroit, we get the short straw, as the alternate channel is WXYZ's Digital tier 2 (D2) channel, which doesn't get carried by DIRECTV. DISH Network people are in the same boat. They are not going to see the race at all, or at best the last half hour.

This kind of thing is just silly to me, considering the amount of nonsense on television and the endless number of channels available where it can be moved by the satellite networks.

I hope there's a remedy before Saturday night. Otherwise, DIRECTV and DISH Network are going to have a lot of angry NASCAR fans flooding their phone lines at race time. If you're in the Detroit area, let these satellite networks know how you feel today. Maybe then they'll get the picture and let everyone watch the race.

Here is some info on the alternate WXYZ Digital Tier 2 channels offered by other non-satellite television providers for those interested in watching the full race Saturday in the Detroit area.

Over the air: Channel 7.2
Charter: Channel 437
Comcast: Channel 297
Bright House: Channel 127
ACR Cable Beacon Hill: Channel 8
Lamont Digital Systems: Channel 144
Wide Open West (WOW): Channel 101
Wyandotte Cable TV: 141


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