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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Montoya win could shake up Chase wild card battle; Kyle Busch is in 'win or bust' mode

Juan Montoya won the pole at the Glen for Sunday’s race, and he is always a threat to win threat there. If he does, add him to the list of drivers battling for a wild card entry into the Chase. It’s going to be hard for him to do, even with a win, but if he knocks out a second one before the Chase, he could be the surprise guest. (I know it’s a longshot – but miracles do happen).

Montoya himself was entertaining this idea as the race at the Glen approached.
“We were talking about it. I mean even if we don’t win tomorrow we believe that with the things that we have found lately maybe we still don’t have the fastest car there but if you play the strategy right you know might come on fuel or something you might go into Richmond with a chance of making the Chase,” he opined, “It would be shocking, but it would be awesome.”

Kyle busch: win or bust
Speaking of Chase contenders, Kyle Busch is one of them, and he wants to win bad. His one win isn’t enough to make him feel safe at all.

"For the next five or whatever it is, it's 'win or bust' yeah, basically,” Kyle said. “Finishing second or third or fourth isn't going to get usanywhere."

He said that even if he got a second win, he wouldn’t feel completely safe. And he is keeping an eye on one specific contender for a Chase spot – the driver of the 24 car.

"To lock, three is a lock, but you can have two and just try to keep yourselves in front of the guys that do have one win in case they do get a win. Like right now, us having one win, Jeff Gordon having one win -- that's who I feel like we're really racing, is the 24 car. If we pass him back in points, obviously that will get us back in the Chase."

Biffle impressed after Michigan tire test
June’s weekend at Michigan was a bit rough for Goodyear. But Greg Biffle, who did a tire test at MIS a couple weeks back, said the tires should do better in August.

“I think Goodyear did a good job. They had a little bit harder tire, maybe a little bit thinner on the right side so it doesn’t get as hot. They seem like they ran really good. The speeds were down just a little bit, but not much. I think it’s gonna be good,” Biffle said. “I don’t think it’ll be a lot different than when we were there before, and I thought it put on a pretty good race.”

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