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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dodge leaving isn't a huge loss for NASCAR; Brad Keselowski dumps truck series driver Parker Kligerman, he moves to Red Horse Racing

Dodge is gone from NASCAR as of next year, it was announced this week.

To some it may be a surprise, but it really shouldn't be. They've had some success in recent years, with Brad Keselowski and Kurt Busch at Penske, and in the early years the Evernham teams were decent. But overall, Dodge never really rose to the level of Ford or GM or Toyota on their latest go-around in the sport, which has lasted about 14 years.

Looking ahead to 2013, they did not have a high-level team interested in running the cars. So I don't fault them for not wanting to return. What's the point? Why put in the support to a team that's not going to run up front? Penske's leaving really put them in a bad position, but it was a move Penske needed to make. His alliance with Roush will now give Penske a much better chance to compete for the title with Keselowski and his new teammate -- whoever that may be.

So farewell, Dodge. It was fun while it lasted, and maybe we'll see you again one day around these parts.

But it's really no big loss for NASCAR in the grand scheme of things.

Surprising cut

In a move that surprised me,
Brad Keselowski Racing has announced that Parker Kligerman, currently sitting sixth in points, has been released from its No. 29 truck.

Keselowski will drive the truck himself in the Aug. 18 truck race at Michigan and he will announce additional driver assignments at a future date.

I'm very curious what happened here. Parker is a talented driver and was doing well, so it must have something to do with sponsors. I don't think Brad would just dump him for no reason.

Whatever happened, I wish Parker luck. He's young, talented, and should land somewhere else decent if there is any justice in the world.

If his Twitter account is any indication, he's taking it well: He tweeted: "
The sky's still blue, the grass still green. Fresh water is still clean. What does it all mean? all will work out, always has, always will"

That's the right attitude to have; I think we should all strive to think like that.

UPDATE: This morning it was announced that Kligerman will join Red Horse Racing .. driving
This morning, it was announced that Kligerman will join Red Horse Racing and drive the No. 7 truck for the rest of the year, starting at MIS. See, that didn't take long. No wonder he was so happy.

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Blogger Ben Schueren said...

He was released supposedly because he was looking for other rides after Penske hired Ryan Blaney

August 9, 2012 at 8:47 AM 
Blogger Matt Myftiu said...

That makes sense ... and it looks like it worked out for everyone.

August 9, 2012 at 9:03 AM 

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