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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Keselowski slips in under the radar to become a lead candidate to win the Sprint Cup this year

No one knows who will win the Sprint Cup this year. And, with rare exceptions, no one is really guaranteed a spot in the Chase for that Cup.

Except for Brad Keselowski of course.

The Rochester Hills native rallied from wrecking in practice to winning Saturday night in his backup car – marking his third win of the year.

He sits 10th in points, but even if he falls into the teens, he’ll have enough wins to make the Chase.

And once he’s there, he will contend.

Penske is moving to Ford next year, but he’s on a pace to make a strong title run with Keselowski in his team’s last year with Dodge. The team has traditionally been an underdog vs. megateams like Hendrick Motorsports, but when you have a truly talented driver like Brad, anything is possible.

He’ll need to get more consistent to take that championship, of course. Other drivers are more consistently up front this year on a week to week basis.

But if he keeps racking up wins, Brad will have a leg up right from the get-go and begin the Chase as the points leader.

And the title would then be his to lose from that point.

Not a bad position to be in, and the way they came back this week from the practice wreck shows nothing will deter the #2 squad.

So If he does end up holding the Cup high at season’s end, no one will be surprised, because we all know by now that Brad is a legitimate title contender.

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