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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keselowski’s win at home a great story; Kyle Busch’s whining reaches new low

It was a great story, the kind a driver dreams about.

Racing at his home track, Rochester Hills native Brad Keselowski ran third, watching the two guys who led all day – Kyle Busch and Brian Vickers – battle hard for the lead in the closing laps.

Then, on the last lap, Vickers got real loose, pulled back in front of Busch, then blocked Busch all the way down to the bottom of the track, slowing them both down enough that Keselowski was able to fly up to the top and pass both of them, lead the final lap and win the race.

Truly a great finish by anyone’s definition … except Kyle Busch of course. The clown prince of NASCAR has apparently developed a dislike for anyone who won’t just let him pass.

First, regarding Vickers, he said: “Unfortunately, you race with idiots.” He has the right to say this, but Vickers did nothing wrong. He was just trying to win, so he did what he had to do. There are no rules on the last lap.

Then, Busch showed his true colors when he said: “He (Keselowski) didn’t deserve to win.” Sorry Kyle, I didn’t know you were appointed the decider of who merits a victory and who doesn’t. By staying close to the top-2 and making a great move to take the win at the end, he most certainly deserved to win.

So suck it up Kyle, you’re a big boy. You’re not going to win them all. Stop being such a baby and be happy for the success you’ve had. You’re going to win the championship you wanted in Nationwide, now please shut up with your sense of entitlement when it comes to winning these Nationwide races.

At least in his interview he admitted he was a whiner and a crybaby. Admitting your problem is the first step to recovery, as they say.

Keselowski’s success is perhaps the lone good story in a weak Nationwide series this season, as he is not a full-time Cup driver, and I will celebrate the day Busch decides he doesn’t need to run this series anymore. Maybe then, he’ll have less to complain about.

Brian Vickers put the whole thing in perspective with his comments, saying: “I forgot it was the Kyle Busch show. I thought we were racing for a win.”

He went on to say that Busch was “crying like a little baby,” then was classy enough to say congratulations to the 88 team. Busch could learn from this way of reacting

There was the makings of an actual fistfight, with Busch lifting Vickers’ visor, but it was stopped by their crews. I would have love to see an actual fight between the two, though, as Busch would have like

Lost in all the hoopla is that Keselowski prevented Toyota from getting their first win at MIS, in the shadow of GM, Ford and Chrysler, which would have been assured if Busch or Vickers had won.

Who will win today?
I’m going to go out on a limb and say Jimmie Johnson gets his first win at Michigan Speedway today. He hasn’t made much noise this weekend, but he often doesn’t make any noise until he is taking the lead with 20 laps to go and getting the checkered flag.


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