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Friday, August 14, 2009

Get off my back, an angry Jeff Gordon says

BROOKLYN, Mich. -- Jeff Gordon has heard almost everything from the media in two decades he has been involved in NASCAR’s top levels, and probably knows what questions are coming before he even hears them each week.
So he knew they would ask how his aching back felt after that scary wreck at Watkins Glen Monday.
Initially, he answered the question, which came right out the gate once his interview began.

“It’s alright. Couple rough days, but feeling pretty good. It was a hard hit. I took a shot and worked through it the next couple of days and am ready to go.”

And that was enough for most of the reporters. But when some of them offered more specific questions about his injury, he wasn’t having it.

“Man, let’s stop talking about my back. I’m here. I’m fine,” he said, clearly agitated.
It’s good to see Gordon, usually pretty sedate, show a little emotion. It shows he still cares about winning and wants to talk about relevant issues, not nitpicky health details.

Gordon said he is almost a lock for the Chase, so he is focused solely on winning races, unlike some other drivers who are on the bubble or just inside the Chase.

Look for him to be racy on Sunday.

No complaints from Brad Keselowski
Earlier this year, it seemed like a full-time ride in Cup in 2010 was a lock for Rochester Hills native Brad Keselowski, especially after he won a race while driving part-time in Cup.

But now that it appears unlikely that Stewart-Haas Racing will expand to three cars, that is no guarantee. Brad wants to stay in the Hendrick fold, so the only remaining chance for it to happen would be if he took the Hendrick-affiliated #09 car full-time next year.

But don’t worry about Brad ... he’s doing just fine. He said Friday at MIS that he is very happy in his current situation, and has nothing to complain about, considering the very real problems people in America are facing.

“It’s more than myself that’s in a tough spot. The whole series and the economy, everyone is in a tough spot,” Brad said. “The key thing to remember is that even though I may not have a full-time Cup deal now and it hasn’t sorted itself out for next, I’m still in a good spot.

“I have a ride in the Nationwide Series. I have a job, and there’s a lot of people out there that can’t say that. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself and say ‘Stop whining. Things aren’t that bad.’
“I don’t have any complaints.”

That doesn’t mean Keselowski doesn’t want to get into Cup full-time, but he said he’s willing to wait.
“It’s very tough to be patient, but it’s served me well to date,” he said. “It’s because I spent a seocnd year in the Nationwide series, without running full-time in Cup, that I have been able to garner the attention that I have and have the results that I have.


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