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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don’t be surprised if Scott Speed bolts NASCAR for new Formula 1 team

The recipe is there for a quick exit from Cup racing for Scott Speed.

First, he’s struggling tremendously with his racecars at Red Bull Racing.

Second, the U.S.-based Formula 1 team started by Peter Windsor is looking for two American drivers to drive for them in 2010.

Third, Speed is the only guy who is American and has F1 experience, and he is on the short list of drivers the team might want.

Unless Speed has decided he’s absolutely committed to stock car racing, I don’t see how he would turn down a chance to return to Formula 1. If he was doing well, he might have a tough choice. But hitting the wall each week isn’t much fun, not to mention he seems like the kind of guy who quite enjoyed the Formula 1 jet-setting lifestyle and probably has some fond memories he’d like to rekindle.

Some fans don’t think Speed has the goods to compete in Formula 1, but who knows? Maybe a new team will be the trick he needs to get a little closer to the podium.

I can’t think of too many other drivers who would be qualified for the ride. Big stars like Kyle Busch or Danica Patrick aren’t legitimate contenders for a variety of issues, from contracts to road racing ability.

A.J. Allmendinger is on the short list, but he’s shown enough skills in NASCAR that he’ll probably want to stick around, despite all his sponsorship woes.

Graham Rahal would be a good choice for one of the seats, but the other seat is probably Speed‘s if he wants it.


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