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Sunday, March 22, 2009

If Jeff Gordon was Wonder Boy, then Kyle Busch is Superman

When a young Jeff Gordon set the Cup world on fire in the 1990s and began to win what seemed like every race, he was dubbed “Wonder Boy“ by rival Dale Earnhardt.

15 years later, It appears Kyle Busch is determined to set a torrid pace for race wins that could make Gordon look like an amateur. By the time this season is over, he most likely will have far surpassed Gordon’s record of 15 Cup wins before age 25.

If Gordon was Wonder Boy, then Kyle Busch is Superman … because the potential for what he can accomplish is straight up scary.

In reality, he should have won both races this weekend, but a miscue by his pit crew on the final pit stop allowed Kevin Harvick to take the win.

Last year, the knock on Busch was that he wasn’t mature enough to legitimately compete for the title. That prophecy came true, as he fell to pieces after having some bad luck in the first two races of the Chase. It’s clear that at least part of Busch’s struggles in the Chase were mental, as he got down on himself after the rough start.

This year, that’s not something that can be said. Sure, Kyle can still be a bit immature at times, such as when he threw a mini-tantrum after the Nationwide race in frustration, but he appears to be even more determined to win than ever. He’s won something (either a Cup, Truck or Busch race) every single weekend this season, and that streak might continue on for a long time unless somebody can step up and knock Busch off the podium.

I’m the first to admit that there is a lot not to like about Kyle Busch from a personality standpoint, but at this point in time I don’t see how any person using his brain could deny that Kyle is the hottest driver in the sport … not just because of this weekend, but because of how he’s taken NASCAR by storm over the past year.

It appears the other drivers on the circuit … including great ones like Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards … are going to have to schedule their wins this year around the many more that Kyle Busch is most certainly going to claim.

I’m not saying it’s going to happen this year for sure, but I do know that if you win that often and that consistently, eventually they’ll come at the right time of year and you will win a championship.


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