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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kyle Busch would be perfect driver for new American F1 team

There are certain attributes anyone stepping into a new Formula 1 car must have in order to succeed.

They must be young, brash and bold.
They must be a solid performer in road racing.
They must be a pure talent who was born to race.

Of all the names being thrown around for the newly created American Formula 1 team that will be based in Charlotte and will begin competing in 2010, only one of them seems to me to be a perfect fit -- Kyle Busch.

Of course, I realize it’s not likely to become a reality.
After his name was mentioned at the new F1 team’s press conference, Busch said he wouldn’t rule out F1 racing “at some point”. But Busch is doing so well in NASCAR that it would take a miracle to get him to ditch a primo ride in stock cars for a fledgling F1 team that may not even be able to achieve success. Not to mention that he’s under contract until 2010, and Joe Gibbs will likely want to wrap him up in a much longer contract at some point very soon.

But just for fun, I’d like to imagine a world where Kyle Busch spends his weekends trying to pass Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso instead of Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards. I think it would make Formula 1 much more exciting to watch.

Of all the drivers in NASCAR, he is by far the best fit. The name of A.J. Allmendinger has also come up, and he certainly fits the bill, but I don’t see his talent being at the same level of Busch at this point in time. Beyond that, you really don’t have many options in NASCAR, and other names being floated include Indycar’s Danica Patrick and Marco Andretti, though Marco is much more likely than Danica.

I find it interesting that both Scott Speed and Juan Pablo Montoya, the two former F1 drivers now in NASCAR, both have said they’re not interested in taking the new ride and returning to their former series. I’m guessing that’s more of a reaction to the team being so new and unknown. If the team puts on a solid performance in 2010, I could see them both rethinking that logic and considering a return to the glitz of F1 if they were offered a ride.

While the racing may not always be as exciting as NASCAR, the Formula 1 drivers are the best in the world, and a true competitor will always want to compete with the best.

Kyle Busch definitely has that competitive edge, but unfortunately he’s doing so well in NASCAR he’ll never risk such a crazy career move at this point.

But if it ever did happen, you can bet it would be a blast to watch.

Terrible week for RCR
California is a place Richard Childress probably wishes he never came to in 2009. All four of his cars finished off the lead lap, and Kevin Harvick crashed hard and ended a very long streak where he was running at the end of every race.

On a related note, I'm going to predict right now that Casey Mears will disappoint once again in 2009, and be replaced in 2010 by a hot free agent in the fourth RCR car ... possibly Martin Truex, Jr.

And while I'm predicting driver moves, let me just say that Juan Pablo Montoya could jump to a fourth Joe Gibbs car if the Earnhardt-Ganassi experiment does not work out well.


Anonymous Big Henry said...

You have no idea what you are talking about. There is not nor will there be an American F1 team.
Beside that crucial fact, no circle tracker ('cept J. Gordon)will ever get as much as a courtesy test in an F1 car.

March 9, 2009 at 4:45 PM 

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