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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Speed demon Kyle Busch could easily get another 20 wins this season

He’s baaaaaack!

When the dust settled on the 2008, Kyle Busch’s stat line was mind-boggling. Eight Cup wins, 10 Nationwide wins and three Truck wins. That’s a lot of trophies for one year, and every time the younger Busch took to the track, it seemed he was up front.

Heading into this year, coming off a bad Chase that left him low in the final standings, some people seemed to be questioning whether Busch had lost the edge he had so often in 2008, and wondered whether he would struggle to regain that winning form.

First, he let us know at Daytona that he was back, leading a ton of laps before being caught up in the infamous Jr.-Vickers wreck. If not for that accident, he may have won last week.

Now, after his dominant double dip at California Saturday, winning the Truck and Nationwide races in a matter of hours while leading nearly every lap, you can get that silly idea out of your head. In fact, I’d be surprised if Kyle Busch won LESS THAN 20 races this year between the three series.

He may be arrogant and obnoxious at times and he may get under the skin of many fans, but when you combine his pure talent with the great equipment he drives, wins are a given. If he wins the Cup race this week, he’ll become the first driver ever to win races in all three top series in the same weekend.

Word is that Busch will run the entire Nationwide season, so you can pretty much engrave his name on that trophy right now. He’ll leave the competition in the dust, a la Jeff Green in 2000.

Cup Championships are a whole different deal, and Busch will need more consistency in the Chase if he’s going to hoist that particular trophy anytime soon. But in the meantime, KB fans and haters alike will go through this season with their jaws on the floor, wondering what kind of magic is making Busch run so much better than the competition every week in whatever he is driving.

In Sunday’s Cup race, I envision a top-5 finish for Busch. Luckily, there are more cars at the Cup level who can keep up with Busch than there are in the lower series. Jack Roush’s cars should control the action at California and look for Jamie McMurray to get a surprise victory as he attempts to bolster his resume and avoid being the team axed from Roush at the end of the season.

But there’s no denying that this ever-controversial kid from Vegas is something special and will be a force to be reckoned for many years to come in NASCAR.

Like it or not, Kyle Busch is here to stay … in every series. For those of you who hate him with a passion and can‘t stand to see him up front, I recommend getting a new hobby. Because any time you turn on NASCAR, chances are he’ll be at or near the front.


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