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Friday, August 15, 2014

Matt Kenseth press conference at Michigan Speedway -- FULL TRANSCRIPT

MATT KENSETH, No. 20 Dollar General Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing
How do you feel about this weekend's race?

"Just getting ready to get started.  I think, obviously we talk a lot about the track has changed a lot since they paved it.  It seems to be changing a little bit more as we keep coming back.  Looking forward to getting out there today.  Try to get a decent balance.  Hopefully, get a good qualifying spot this afternoon and just start working on the race tomorrow."
Will the sport lose anything with the new rule regarding drivers having to stay in their race cars after accidents?
"No.  I don't think there ever was an intention for -- 'boys to have at it' -- out of the car while there are still cars out on the race track.  I don't think that's ever been any intention.  I think that it's probably good to spell it out.  It's kind of something that we probably also know and that type of thing.  After you get wrecked, and you know you can't continue -- I think, unfortunately I've been in a few wrecks this year and couldn't continue, so I mean you always get out of the car right away and go look at the car and see what it looks like or whatever.  Even if you're not mad about anything or whatever.  Honestly, we haven't thought about it for a long time.  You just don't even think about those other cars going by and the slowest there going by -- at a place like Pocono is 70 (MPH).  Anybody who has ever changed their tire along an interstate knows that's still pretty fast and things can happen.  I think it's good to spell it out.  Most of the time we're impatient to get out for a variety of reasons -- even if you're not mad or whatever, you're impatient to get out and see what kind of damage you have.  Usually after the safety crews like to hurry up and get it hooked up and get it back and try to get back in the race -- that type of thing.  I think it's good to spell it out and leave us as close as we can in the cars as sure."
 Any reason why you haven't had some wins this year?
"We just, basically haven't had quite enough speed.  I felt we put ourselves in position to win a few times this year -- and just didn't have enough speed and strength to be able to get the win and be able to either hold them off or pass those last couple cars, or whatever the case may be.  I feel like we've been solid this year.  I feel like on average our performance is getting better.  We've had some troubles and dropped out of races.  Thinks like that.  But the races we have finished, we've usually been close to the top-five.  We just need to get running just a little bit faster to break through and hopefully get some wins."
Do you think with the new rules announced today we'll see more tempers flare following races?
"No.  I don't think that will change."
Is JGR making progress with performance?
"Yeah, I mean I think you try to average it out.  Pocono is kind of unique.  There are certain tracks you go to you feel are good tracks for you, or bad tracks for you, or whatever. Maybe even last year when we had a great year for instance Pocono wasn't a good track for us.  Yeah, I mean, I think you try to take kind of an average of it -- a snapshot of it.  Indy was pretty good.  Kentucky was pretty good.  New Hampshire was good.  Hopefully, our cars will run good here.  Certainly this is similar to Kansas. Probably it's the only track left that it's kind of similar to.  Certainly it gives you an idea how you're stacking up at the bigger tracks."
 Is JGR making progress with its race cars?
"We're always trying to get ourselves better.  We're looking at trying to get the stuff better.  They're improving the motors a little bit and the cars a little bit.  There's not like an all new design.  This isn't your Chase stuff you're going to run here necessarily.  I think everything's been getting improved slowly but surely."
 There's an image of Tony Stewart throwing a helmet at you being used on the news -- Is that disappointing?
"I haven't watched or read hardly anything, to be totally honest with you.  So, I don't really know what's being said.  I'm sure everybody's weighing in on everything.  I know very little about it.  Obviously, it's a tragedy and I feel bad for everybody involved.  Other than that, I haven't really watched anything."


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