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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Richard Petty drops knowledge at Michigan Speedway, weighs in on "greatest of all time" debate

Oakland Press photo/MATT MYFTIUThe King himself, Richard Petty, paid a visit to Michigan Speedway's media center and dropped some knowledge on Saturday.

If you want some knowledge, who better to talk to than Richard Petty -- his resume features 200 wins, 7 Cup championships, and the respect of every NASCAR fan as a result
During a visit with media Saturday at Mic
Here's some highlights:

Re: Debate of sharing information between teams and how it could help Ford:"We're all competitive with each other, but we're behind the other competition. So the best thing is for us to work together, get back up there again and then go our separate ways."

Re: Sharing information in his day:
"We shared, but it was always a week behind," He joked. "We'd get the best out of it and then give it to everyone else."

Re: Who's the best driver of all time
"There is no fastest gun. How can you take Jimmie Johnson and put him up against a David Pearson? Different era altogether, different cars, different circumstances. Running against different people too. So is Jimmie that good, or is his competition that bad? Think about that."

Re: Level of competition today vs. his era"Jimmie's great. He could hold his own in this era. If he was running against Pearson, I'd bet on Pearson every day. I've come through that era. When we came through, Pearson, Allison Yarborough. Those guys were winning 70, 80 races a piece. Jimmie's runninga gainst one guy who has won more races than he has. The only guys have won 15, 18, 20 races. So if you look at it from that standpoint, he's not running against winners like some  of the other people run against winners."

Re: Earnhardt vs. Pearson, Allison"Everything's relative. Pearson would blow Dale's ears off. Dale never won but 70-some races. When you put him in there with Allison and stuff like that, he's down two or three notches from where that crowd was."

Re: Brad's latest controversial comments"On any of that kind of stuff, all it does is dilute his time. He needs to be concentating on what he can do to win another championship. Going off on competition doesn't help anything. All it does is deteriorate what good he has done. Keep your mouth shut and go do your job. You never saw Pearson do that."
higan International Speedway, Richard Petty dropped some jewels of knowledge on us regarding a few key issues, including a discussion of who's the greatest driver of all time, sharing information between teams, and Brad Keselowski's recent controversial comments.

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