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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Joe Gibbs Racing has good chance to end All-Star Race win drought this Saturday

Joe Gibbs has been around NASCAR a long time.

But he's never had one of his drivers win the All-Star Race.

It's pretty hard to believe, considering he's taken home a few Cup titles and dozens of races in his time in the sport.

But this one never seems to go his way.

This might be his year, with Matt Kenseth on a hot streak, plus drivers like Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin filling out his roster who are definitely capable of winning.

It may be more about survival than anything in 2013 at the All-Star Race. With a possible $2 million on the line if you win all 5 segments, you can bet there will be some beating and banging, wrecked cars and hurt feelings.

If the Gibbs cars can avoid all that drama, perhaps he'll join the list of teams that can say they've hoisted an All-Star Race trophy.

Rule change helps Danica's All-Star Race hopes
If you missed the news Wednesday, a NASCAR rule change means that the fan vote to transfer a driver from the Sprint Showdown to the All-Star Race can be used on someone who didn't finish on the lead lap in the Showdown -- which was not the case last year. Many folks say this was done strictly to help Danica Patrick get voted in.
To read my full take on the issue, click here.


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