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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jimmie Johnson once again lives up to his role as whiner-in-chief

For someone who wins as much as he does, Jimmie Johnson should probably quit whining.

After finishing second to Carl Edward at Phoenix, Johnson expressed displeasure at the way Carl handled the last couple restarts, saying he didn't "follow the restart protocol".

I'm not sure if Jimmie's just paranoid or just continuing his legacy as a champion complainer (historically, he whines on the radio anytime he gets raced hard; not very champion-like behavior if you ask me.)

The fact is Carl won that race fair and square. I watched the race and there was no funny business going on during restarts.

Jimmie likes to win, and gets frustrated when he doesn't. I get that and can respect that. That's part of why he's a champion.

But I'm so sick of his whining, and his fans should be too. Ironically, the 48 team has been caught cheating more often than almost everyone else. So they have no standing to even talk in matters like this. (remember "crack the back of the car if you win, Jimmie"?)

Jimmie Johnson is a Hall-of-Fame caliber driver with true talent, but when he throws these little whine fests out after falling short of another victory, he just makes himself look silly.


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