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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'The days of starting and parking are over' for No. 30 Sprint Cup car, says new ownership team

One less start-and-park in 2013?

Well, if the new owners of the 30 car are true to their word, that will be the case.

Swan Racing will take the track at Daytona International Speedway starting at Daytona in February. They take over the team featuring the No. 30 Toyota driven by David Stremme, which was a start and park car in 2012 for Inception Motorsports.

"Swan Racing is here to race competitively every week – the days of starting and parking are over. I am confident that we are putting together the personnel to one day produce a championship contender," said owner Brandon Davis.

I hope he's right, as plans like this have dissolved in the past, but it's always good news when a team really wants to compete.

Stremme is excited for 2013 to start.

"I have spent a lot of time with Brandon this year and I can tell you he is here to win," said Stremme. "I have never been so excited for a new season as I am for 2013. I'm ready to get started now."

 In a sign they really are serious, the team has hired  veteran crew chief Steve Hmiel to be Swan Racing's director of competition. 
"Steve is among the best and brightest technical experts in the NASCAR garage area. His experience and expertise will be a crucial part in Swan Racing's success," said Davis.

"This is a great opportunity to build a team from the ground up. Brandon is completely committed to winning; he has a long-term vision. I am excited to be part of it," said Hmiel.

Swan Racing is located in Mooresville, N.C., and will get its horsepower from Triad Racing Technologies, a top engine builder.

Swan Energy will be the primary sponsor on the No. 30 Toyota. Discussions with additional sponsors are underway and further sponsor announcements are expected early in 2013.

Growing up in Oklahoma, Davis, 33, worked on his father's dirt car until he was old enough to get behind the wheel and go racing: "I have been around racing all my life; it is in my blood. I've built cars, I've raced cars and now I'm looking forward to winning at the highest level.

"I am encouraged by the success of teams like Michael Waltrip Racing and Stewart–Haas Racing in recent years. It says a lot about the competitiveness of the sport and the opportunity small teams have to succeed."

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