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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dale Earnhardt Jr. deserves credit for seeking help with concussion issues

My initial thoughts on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s decision to seek help for concussion isssues, which led him to being out of the 88 car for the next two weeks (at least):

Good for him. Some might say he should have done it sooner, but think about his situation. The Chase is coming up, you are battling for a title and are good enough to have a legitimate shot of winning it for the first time in a while.

And all of sudden you face this decision: If you seek help, you might not even start the Chase and your title hopes are over; but if you don't you might endanger people on track.

Obviously, until after Talladega, he felt well enough to race. But after Talladega and one more wreck, he recognized that he clearly was not, and as a result sought the help he needed.

I'm glad he did. NASCAR is full of tough guys who would never admit they are not feeling well (I'm pretty sure Earnhardt Sr. would have never pulled himself from the car for example; he was old-school and hard-headed). I'm sure plenty in the past have had this issue but never admitted it.

Dale Jr. did the right thing. I hope he feels better soon, as concussions are no joke (just ask any NFL player who's been affected by them).


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