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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Danica Patrick give her side of the story in ESPN the magazine's "Women in Sports" issue -- WITH VIDEO

Think Danica Patrick needs more media exposure? (I'm guessing your answer is a no).

Well, ESPN is making it happen, as she is on the cover of their Women in Sports edition of ESPN the magazine. (I could go off on how so many other female athletes have accomplished a lot more than she has in their sports; but I know that's not the only factor in choosing a cover girl)

In this video teaser on the ESPN website, "ESPN the Magazine's Stevland Wilson sits down with Danica Patrick to discuss her transition to NASCAR, her fatigue with the "woman driver" storyline and why she does those risque ads."

Love her or hate her (and seriously, these 6 lap down finishes aren't gaining her any fans), here she is telling her side of the story:


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