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Monday, February 27, 2012

Montoya comments on jet dryer crash that has halted Daytona 500 -- WITH VIDEO

Yes folks, this is officially the the craziest Speedweeks ever.

First John King wins the Truck race .. John who?

Then James Buescher wins the Nationwide race after the 10 cars in front of him all crash in the last turn of the race.

Now, the Daytona 500 might be over because Juan Pablo Montoya has crashed into a jet dryer.

Oh, and Dave Blaney might win.

I'm not sure how much weirder things can get at this point.

Here's what Montoya had to say after the scary wreck.

Is he OK?
"I'm ok. My foot hurt, but I'm ok. For as big of a hit that way; I'm pretty good to be honest."

What happened?
"Something fell in the rear of the car and the car just spun into the jet dryer. I felt a vibration and came in. They looked at everything and everything was ok and I still told them 'I think there is something broke' and I was coming back into the pits and the car just spun by itself."

Is the truck driver OK?
"He came with me (in the ambulance). He was pretty scared, but he looked ok."

Was there a vibration?
"I told them when I left the pits something wasn't right and I felt a weird vibration when we were with the pack. Every time I got on the gas, it vibrated. So, I came back in and they checked all the rear-end and they said it was ok. I was going down the back straightaway, and I was going in fourth gear, but, we weren't even going that fast. Every time I got on the gas I could feel the rear really squeezing. I got on the brakes to travel up and while I was telling the spotter to have a look on how the rear was moving, the car just turned right."

He's ready to move on:
“To be honest with you, it is tough. We were running a really smart race. Everyone on the Target Chevy really did a good job today. Just move on to Phoenix."

Did he hear the explosion?
“Oh yeah, it burned the helmet and everything. It’s not where you want to finish the Daytona 500. Everybody on the Target team, with this great Chevy car, did an amazing job today. We didn’t bump anybody, nobody bumped us, and we only had 40 laps to go. I thought we had a great car. I thought we were in the right place. Everything was working well and go through that, it sucks.”

First time for everything:
“I have hit a lot of things, but a jet dryer? I mean, no.”

Could you feel the heat?
“I saw the flames. My helmet got a little burned and everything, but move on.”

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