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Monday, February 21, 2011

Two-car pack racing gets mixed reviews; records broken at Daytona

The word this year out of Daytona was two-by-two. That’s how the cars drove fastest, and it created a whole new style of racing … much different than the pack racing in past years … which some fans liked and others didn’t.

I felt sort of mixed, as it was sometimes exciting and sometimes dreadful, but that’s what works best for speed so it’s how they’re going to run at the plate tracks now and there’s not too much NASCAR can do about it.
Driver opinion was mixed on the style of racing that emerged at Daytona this year, as it helped contribute to a healthy dose of cautions, including several where teammates wrecked each other unintentionally.

Robert Richardson Jr., who drive he No. 37 at Daytona this year, wasn’t too happy with the two-by-two style after it played a part in getting him wrecked during Speedweeks.

“Everyone is still trying to figure it out. I was running with my teammate Travis Kvapil and I was getting pretty tight off the corners and he was locked onto my bumper. I was trying to keep it out of the wall and he was still attached to me. The rest is history. I hate it. I hate it for Front Row Motorsports and everyone else that gave me an opportunity to run this race. It is definitely not Daytona racing. This two car draft stuff is pretty tough to deal with and try to get a handle on and trust the guy behind you. I am okay though,” he said. “Hopefully by Talladega they will have something figured out so that all the cars can get back to big pack racing again.”

Veteran Tony Stewart, on the other hand, was adapting better to the style, and said the only way to put things more in the driver’s hands is to something that’s not very likely.

“If you want to be the master of your own destiny, take the restrictor plates off. Figure out how to let us drive race cars again,” Stewart said.

We’ll see when Talladega rolls around if this is a unique thing at Daytona or if it carries over. And if it does continue, what will NASCAR do about it, if anything?

Records broken at Daytona
Fresh off a track resurfacing at Daytona, in the wake of last year’s pothole debacle, this year’s race featured a track-record 74 lead changes and 22 leaders.
Other records fell too, including number of cautions with 16. Early in Speedweeks, the Budweiser Shootout featured a record-breaking 28 lead changes, and both Gatorade Duel races featured record numbers of lead changes (20 and 22)
Bayne also became the seventh driver to earn his first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series victory in the Daytona 500.

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