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Monday, December 20, 2010

Skinner out of Truck ride?

One rumor making the rounds is that Mike Skinner has lost his ride at Randy Moss Motorsports after two years.

If this is true, I’m wondering if it’s got anything to do with the wackiness that is Randy Moss, who has been on so many NFL teams this year I’ve lost track, and allegedly made a call a radio station this week bashing his coach in Tennessee.

Whatever the cause, if he is out of a ride Skinner shouldn’t have trouble finding a new team – he’s been a contender ever since the Truck series started, and still has what it takes to win.

ASA radio show
For fans of ASA racing, announced that “This Week in ASA Racing” has been added to their lineup of radio shows for 2011. The broadcasts will feature discussion of the short track racing series and conversations with its drivers.

For those who don’t know, NASCAR champions Alan Kulwicki and Rusty Wallace came out of the ASA series, and Mark Martin also ran there early in his career. Other drivers of note include Dick Trickle, Butch Miller and Johnny Benson. So there’s a good chance some of the names in that series will make their way to the big stage in the future.

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