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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harvick needs to worry about racing, not the media

If the Chase did not exist, Kevin Harvick would be the runaway champion right now, leading by more than 200 points.

But it does exist, and Harvick faces long odds for the title. While he is only 46 points out of the lead, he will need both Denny Hamlin and Jimmie Johnson to have bad days at Homestead, and that’s very unlikely.

Because of this unlikely scenario, most media is focusing on the battle between Hamlin and Johnson, and Harvick is not pleased with what he termed “disrespect”.

Posting on Twitter, Harvick wrote: “disrespect is what has been given for 10 weeks to our team from all the media so the heck with them all!”
In his mind, he probably was thinking something stronger words.

The question is: Does he have a point, or is he just whining?
My vote goes for whining.

I’ve never understood why athletes care so much about how they are viewed by the press.

And in this case, he doesn’t even have a strong case for disrespect. Nobody in the press has denied that Harvick is a top contender, as that would be pretty to say about someone who led the points so much this season.

The fact is that both Johnson and Hamlin’s teams have stepped up more in the Chase and had better cars and better finishes, led more laps and just run better overall.

Harvick even admitted after Sunday’s race that if it wasn’t for a major stroke of luck at Phoenix, he would be pretty much out of this Chase.

So why all the whining?

Instead of worrying about what the media is saying about him, Harvick should be worrying about how his team is preparing for Homestead, and get mentally prepared for the most important race of his career.

Many fans would be truly happy if he won, giving Richard Childress his first Cup title since his sixth and final title with Dale Earnhardt Sr.
But the numbers just don’t say it’s going to happen, which is why the media is not focusing on him.

It’s not a vendetta against him, it’s not disrespect, it’s not a shot at his ego. It’s just an honest assessment of the Chase situation.

And Harvick needs to get his mind of silly things like how the media portrays him, and focus on winning a title, if he hopes to have any shot on Sunday.

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