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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Penske on top of the world after Indy 500 pole, NASCAR All-Star win

I thought my Saturday was a pretty good day, but it was nothing compared to Roger Penske’s day.

First, one of his Indycar drivers, Helio Castroneves, took the pole for next week’s Indy 500, putting him in a great position to win yet another edition of the crown jewel of Indycar racing.

Then, for a night cap, he jetted off to Charlotte to watch one of his NASCAR drivers, Kurt Busch, pull off a win in the All-Star race highlighted by several late-race wrecks.

It was a very good day to be the captain.

There was a lot of doubt about Penske’s team coming into this year, as his would be the lone Dodge team in the Cup division, battling fleets of Fords, Chevys and Toyotas.

But so far, so good.

Busch is in the top-12 in points and Brad Keselowski is starting to run consistently well after a rocky start to the year.

Busch’s performance was especially impressive when you consider just how beat-up hi s car was after several close encounters with the Charlotte Motor Speedway walls.
His team must have done a hell of a job during the 10-minute break to get it back in good enough shape to drive away like he did at the end. It was truly a team effort.

Things are looking up for the Penske team as a whole, and just like he has done in his business endeavors, it’s looking very likely that Penske will have a successful season in both sides of his motor sports empire in 2010, and there will be many more good Saturdays and Sundays before this season ends.

Kyle would have done the same thing
That sound you heard after the race was the fake outrage of Kyle Busch, who got mad at Denny Hamlin for doing exactly the same thing he would have done if he was leading.

This is an all-star race, meaning anything you need to do to win you will do. A million dollars and a lot of bragging rights are on the line. If Kyle had been leading and Denny Hamlin made a move up high to pass with just a couple laps to go,
I can guarantee you he would have blocked just as much as Denny did.

I can understand his desire to win … but it’s becoming far too common to see drivers become outraged when no wrong was done to them.

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