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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Short-track tempers

Kyle Busch proved one thing to me Saturday night -- He’ll do anything to win, including wrecking the most popular driver in NASCAR when he is about to get his first win in two years.
To be honest, I’m surprised Busch didn’t end up a bloody stump after taking out Earnhardt at the end of the Richmond race, which allowed Clint Bowyer to sneak by and take the win. He must have had a great security team to protect him from the angry mobs of Junior Nation.
The reality is there was no other way for it to go down. Junior hadn’t won in two years, and was going to do everything possible to protect his position. And as we’ve seen over the past two years, Kyle Busch will do anything to win, including knock you out of the way. And well, Dale Jr. was in his way, so I doubt any true NASCAR fan was surprised at how that battle turned out.
The irony is that Dale Jr. fans often cheered on his dad after he pulled similar questionable moves. I’m not defending Busch, but it sure is different when the shoe’s on the other foot.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: At the end of Friday’s Nationwide race, there was an incident between Stephen Wallace and, guess who, Mr. Kyle Busch. After some prodding from an interviewer, Wallace broke out the insults, saying Busch wanted to “act like a little girl about it.” I’m going to have to side with Wallace on this. For someone who pushes so many people out of the way, Busch sure does complain a lot when someone does it to him. What’s that rule ... do unto others??

In other racing news this weekend, The young wunderkind everyone claims is the next big NASCAR superstar, Joey Logano, took the checkered flag Sunday in the ARCA race at the newly brought-back-to-life Rockingham Speedway.
What did I forget to mention? Oh yeah, it’s his first ARCA race ever.
What else? Oh yeah, he doesn’t turn 18 until the end of May.
The word around the garage is that this kid has done nothing but win since he strapped into a go-kart at age 4. He’ll get his first shot in a major series in the Nationwide race at Dover on May 31, driving for Joe Gibbs. If this next big thing is all he’s presented to be, and performs well in the Nationwide Series, don’t be surprised to see him in a Cup car full-time by 2010. The team owners like their drivers young these days, especially if they have talent.


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